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The testimonials: their testimonials, reviews and experiences with Dopstart


SEO consultant very knowledgeable and helpful!
It is a pleasure to work with him!

Maurizio Rondano

CEO, OldSkull Tuning

Donato Paolino is the SEO consultant I have always wanted: someone who speaks with facts rather than words, even if he is not lacking in speech… 🙂 The facts were that our site, with which we were supposed to sell courses abroad , produced neither requests for information nor registration forms. Since we put the site in the hands of Donato Paolino, without even looking at the Analytics and other data, the proven proof of the quality of his work immediately appeared evident: requests for information and registrations began to arrive daily , constantly, reviving the fortunes of a site which, until then, had cost us a lot of work but very few results.
I would always and in any case recommend Donato Paolino to everyone, not only for his competence, but also for his great humanity and empathetic ability to get in tune with the needs of the company!

Alessandro Adorno

fondatore ed ex CEO, Babilonia srl

I have to say that every time I enter the new site I find it very pleasant and I think customers have the same feeling

Roberto Cunial - Alpesmototours

Well done! Professional, competent and polite. Everyone!

Renato Serpieri

CEO, Xfire Sistemi

Precision, timeliness and efficiency. Furthermore, excellent advice for improving and making the site more complete

Paolo Longobardi

Honorary President, Unimpresa

Great professionalism and competence. Dopstart is the ideal partner for those who want to improve their online visibility.

Francesco G. Caolo


A reliable partner for web marketing projects. A professional capable of always offering an effective solution, oriented towards dialogue, and with unparalleled availability.

Gianluca Punzi


We have been collaborating for years. Professional and reliable partner.

Geremia Forlenza


I will be sincere. When I met Donato I thought he was simply good at his job, that is, indexing content in search engines. Over time I learned that there are no definitions for Donato, no labels, which he doesn’t like either. However, I can tell you why I like him: “he is shrewd, intelligent, he knows how to quickly understand what is best or what is not best to do, he is a technician but he is also creative, he is a graphic designer but he also knows how to program. He knows how to shop well, I think he also knows how to cook and compose music and he is also a talented lawyer. I don’t know what else to add, Donato has accustomed us to surprises, so I’ll stop here and send him a big and affectionate greeting.

Francesco Maria De Feo

Creative director, Armadillo Advertising