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93% of consumers search for local businesses online, and 88% of local mobile searches result in an in-store visit or phone call within 24 hours.

It’s essential to boost your search engine optimization locally to connect your brand with potentially interested customers in your area.

Dopstart Internet Marketing Agency offers conversion-focused local SEO services to position your business prominently in local search results and increase revenue.

What is Local SEO?

Every day, millions of customers search for local businesses, and approximately 84% of them demand that businesses have digital tools to make transactions with brands possible.

Without an effective local SEO presence, you are missing crucial opportunities to generate leads, increase traffic and increase sales.

What does it mean to optimize for local search?

Local search optimization, or local SEO, is about honing the visibility of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), retail stores, and multi-location businesses in searches in specific geographic areas, ensuring they are easily found by potential customers .

Local SEO differs from traditional SEO mainly in the focus and objective of the optimization strategies.

Local SEO
Local SEO

It focuses on specific searches based on geographic location, such as those that include “near me” terms or that reference a specific city or region. The main goal is to attract local customers who are physically close to the business, making the business easily findable for those looking for products or services in their area. This is especially important for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), brick-and-mortar stores, and businesses with multiple locations.

Google considers various ranking factors for local SEO to determine your position in search results. These include:

  • Google Business Profile or Google My Business (GMB)
  • Consistency of name, address and telephone number (NAP) in local business citations
  • Domain authority
  • Citation quality in local searches
  • Click-through rate (CTR) from search results
  • Keyword
  • User Experience (UX)
  • Quality, speed and diversity of reviews
  • Signals from the links

Google’s goal is to provide users with the most relevant and useful results based on their location and searches, emphasizing the importance for businesses to optimize their online presence to be easily findable by potential local customers.

For Local SEO we leverage several local digital marketing tactics to improve your website’s position in local SEO rankings, including:

  • Target specific keywords for local businesses
  • Optimization of your Google Company Profile or Google My Business
  • Citations in local searches
  • Online reputation management
  • Link building
  • On-page SEO
  • Optimizing specific landing pages for local SEO
  • Content marketing focused on Google’s local SEO

These elements are fundamental for improving the visibility of a commercial activity in local searches, thus allowing you to more effectively reach users interested in the services or products offered in the geographical area of ​​reference. Strategically implementing these practices helps build a solid online presence and optimize interaction with your local target audienc

To establish yourself in the areas where you offer services, it is essential to understand the importance of local search optimization and learn how to effectively implement local SEO. Start the process of optimizing for searches in your area now and ensure your brand stands out in front of your target audience segments.

Are you looking for expert guidance to discover the secrets of local SEO and how to boost your positioning? The leading local SEO company is ready to solve all your doubts about local SEO marketing and assist you step by step in improving your local SEO optimization strategy.

Maximize the potential of your Local SEO and increase earnings

Dopstart Internet Marketing Agency will take care of your Local SEO by offering you a complete range of optimization services at a global level. Local SEO can be crucial to the success of your brand, which is why we are committed to supporting you in your local digital marketing strategies and local search optimization.

As your trusted agency specializing in local SEO, our commitment goes beyond simply providing SEO services and submitting SEO reports for local businesses.

Our Local SEO specialists are dedicated to providing training to your learning team

  • the fundamentals of local SEO e
  • the methodologies to successfully apply local SEO.

To ensure effective communication and alignment, we develop a specific checklist for local SEO, highlighting all the strategies included in the packages offered.

Whether your business has a single location serving a local community or multiple locations spread across the country, our local search engine optimization agency is ready to elevate your business by improving its ranking in local SEO search results .

Join our Local SEO Agency and use our local SEO strategies and techniques to stand out from the competition.

Why is Local SEO essential for your business?

Create a lasting impression on search engines and your potential customers

Are you still undecided about investing in Local SEO with us? Here are the benefits you will receive from local SEO.

  • Greater reach into the local community
  • Increase in sales revenue
  • Optimizing your Google My Business listing
  • Loyal customers and repeat business
  • High authority local business quotes
  • Increased pedestrian traffic
  • Multi-channel local digital marketing campaigns
  • Credible online reputation
  • Higher ranking in local SEO
  • Greater visibility on Google Maps
  • More targeted web traffic
  • Reduction of advertising costs
  • More phone calls and requests from the site from potential customers
  • Increased market trust and authority

Contact us without obligation and let’s talk about which local SEO packages suit your online needs.

The results of Dopstart’s Local SEO

seo case history ecommerce
seo case history ecommerce

Bookings +70%

Visits +120%

From the customer

Rating: ★★★★★

The local SEO optimization intervention has completely revolutionized our online presence. Previously we were almost invisible in search results, now we are one of the first choices for those looking for a culinary experience in our city. Reservations have skyrocketed and we’ve received many compliments on how easy it is for customers to find us and view our menu online. A true game-changer!

Case history studio di consulenza

Consultancy requests +50%

Visits >1000%

From the customer

Rating: ★★★★★

Thanks to the local SEO strategy implemented, our law firm has seen a notable increase in requests for consultancy through the site. The professionalism and effectiveness with which the specific keywords of our sector were optimized made it possible to attract exactly the type of customers we were looking for. We are particularly satisfied with the review management, which has helped strengthen our online reputation.

Case history industria alimentare
Case history industria alimentare

Registrations +40%

Visits from SEO +150%


Rating: ★★★★★

Local SEO service made a difference for our fitness center. 
Creating specific pages for each location and optimizing local searches has made our centers much more accessible and visible to those looking for a new place to train. 
We have seen a significant increase in both online registrations and traffic to our site. 
The team worked with dedication and professionalism, perfectly understanding our needs and objectives

Dopstart carries out Local SEO projects only if they are successful.

Why Google My Business is an important part of Local SEO

Google My Business, now known as Google Business Profile, is a free Google tool essential for local SEO, which allows you to manage the presentation of company information on Google Search and Maps.

It is crucial for local SEO optimization as it impacts ranking factors and helps verify brand authenticity.

Google My Business Optimization helps build brand recognition, provide accurate business details, increase customer engagement, improve online credibility, expand potential revenue, and strengthen consumer trust by improving visibility and management. online reputation.

Our Local SEO services

Dopstart’s Local SEO Audit is an essential service designed to optimize the online visibility of businesses in their local market. Through detailed analysis, we evaluate every aspect of your online presence – from your Google My Business listing, to the consistency of NAP (Name, Address, Phone) information across different platforms, to the optimization of local keywords on your website. We also look at the management of your online reviews, the quality of your content, the usability of the site (with a focus on the mobile experience), and your backlinking strategy. Our goal is to identify opportunities for improvement and provide you with strategic recommendations to raise your ranking in local search results, increase qualified traffic to your site and improve your online reputation, thus turning local searches into real conversions. With Dopstart, your local success is within reach.

“Keyword Research and Strategy” is a fundamental service that lays the foundation for the success of your SEO and content marketing. Through an in-depth analysis of the market and search trends, our team identifies the most relevant and profitable keywords specific to your industry and target market. This process not only aims to improve the visibility of your website on search engines but also to drive qualified traffic to it, thus increasing the chances of conversion.

We take a strategic approach, using advanced tools and competitive analysis techniques to uncover keyword opportunities that your competitors may have overlooked. Our strategy doesn’t stop at simply identifying keywords; We work closely with you to develop a customized action plan that integrates these keywords into your site content, titles, meta descriptions and beyond, optimizing every aspect of your online presence for search engines.

The “Google My Business SEO” service offered by Dopstart is designed to maximize the visibility of your business in local search results and on Google Maps, ensuring your brand stands out in the digital competition. This strategic service focuses on optimizing your Google My Business (GMB) profile, a key element in attracting local customers and improving your local SEO ranking.

Through a detailed process, our team of experts works to ensure that all of your GMB profile information is accurate, complete, and optimized for the keywords most relevant to your business. This includes managing essential details such as business name, address, phone number, opening hours, descriptions and adding high-quality images that best represent your services or products.

The service specializes in creating optimized content to improve the online visibility of local businesses. This service aims to produce relevant, informative and engaging content, specifically designed to respond to the needs and searches of local audiences. Through the strategic use of local keywords, engaging titles and helpful community information, Dopstart helps improve local search engine rankings, attract qualified traffic and increase customer engagement. This approach not only improves the online presence of the business but also helps to establish a bond of trust and authority with local customers.

The service is focused on maximizing the effectiveness of your website in converting visitors into actual customers, specifically for your local audience. This strategic service analyzes and improves site elements such as user experience (UX), calls-to-action (CTA), page structure and content, to make them more intuitive and persuasive for local users. Through A/B testing, user behavior analysis and personalization of conversion paths, Dopstart optimizes every online touch point, increasing the likelihood that visits translate into concrete actions, such as purchases, reservations or requests for information, thus enhancing the ROI of your local SEO strategy.

Dopstart’s “Local SEO and Local ADS Integration” service effectively combines search engine optimization (SEO) techniques with localized advertising campaigns (ADS) to maximize visibility and customer attraction in your specific geographic market.

This integrated strategy ensures your business emerges in both organic results and prominent advertising positions on search engines and social platforms, capturing the attention of a highly engaged local audience.

The service is designed to optimize your online presence and increase the visibility of your e-commerce store in local searches. By focusing on targeted SEO strategies, this service ensures that your products and business are easily findable by potential customers in your geographic area. Through the analysis of local keywords, the optimization of product pages, and the creation of geolocalized content, Dopstart aims to position your e-commerce at the top of local search results, increasing traffic to the site and stimulating sales . This service is essential for e-commerce stores that want to dominate the local market and build a loyal customer base nearby.

Dopstart’s on-page optimization for local SEO is a key service that aims to refine every element of your website to improve its ranking in local search results. By focusing on critical aspects such as titles, meta descriptions, use of local keywords, URL structure, and content optimization, Dopstart ensures that your site is not only search engine friendly, but also perfectly aligned with the user’s search intent. your local audience. This service is essential for companies that aim to reach and engage customers in their geographic area, increasing visibility and qualified traffic to their website.

The service offers a specialized solution for franchise networks looking to improve their local online visibility. Through targeted SEO strategies, this service focuses on optimizing each individual franchise location, ensuring they appear in high positions in local search results. Dopstart works on key elements such as customizing web pages for each location, optimizing Google My Business listings for each store, and creating localized content that specifically addresses consumer searches in the area. This approach ensures that each franchise location can effectively attract local customers, maximizing the entire network’s online visibility and driving overall business growth.

The service is designed to strengthen your business’s online authority and visibility in local searches. Through the strategic creation and acquisition of quality links from relevant and locally relevant sites, this service aims to improve your website’s ranking in local search results. Dopstart focuses on identifying link building opportunities that not only increase SEO rankings, but are also meaningful to local audiences, such as collaborations with other local businesses, local directory listings, and local media publications. This approach not only improves SEO, but also helps build a strong and reliable online presence for your business, attracting more qualified traffic and customers from your geographic area.

The service is essential to ensure consistency and accuracy in your business information across all online platforms. This service focuses on creating, reviewing and optimizing business citations in local directories, review websites and mapping platforms. Through accurate citation management, Dopstart improves the visibility and authority of your business in local search results, helping to boost your online reputation and drive qualified traffic to your site. By keeping your business information consistent and up-to-date, this service is crucial to optimizing your local presence and attracting customers to your geographic area.

The service is designed to protect and enhance your brand image in the digital environment. Focusing on monitoring and optimizing the online perception of your business, this strategic service aims to strengthen customer trust and visibility in local search results. Dopstart actively manages reviews and feedback on major sites and platforms, promoting positive comments and constructively addressing negative ones. Through the creation of positive content and the optimization of online communication channels, the service helps build a solid corporate image that attracts local customers, boosting the reputation and SEO positioning of your business locally.


With Dopstart, you are always one step ahead of the competition.

Local SEO brings more conversions

Several elements contribute to creating and executing a successful marketing plan, including lead generation and local search services. Lead generation is vital to your business, without a constant flow of qualified leads, your business will struggle to sell and expand. Local SEO, on the other hand, acts as a channel that directs potential customers to your websites.

Local SEO services for businesses, such as local citation service and Google My Business optimization, increase your brand awareness and drive organic traffic to your site. The more your community sees your site, the better your chances of getting clicks and converting them into potential customers.

Using local SEO services to acquire leads also opens up opportunities to:

  • Building your local search citations
  • Collect online reviews
  • Participate in appropriate social networks
  • Create expert content
  • Solve visibility problems
  • Penetrate strategic local markets
  • Rank for keywords related to the business
  • Convert page visitors into leads and sales

Tips to keep in mind

Not sure which local search engine optimization service to use to boost your lead generation efforts? Sharpen your local SEO efforts on Google with these tips from the best local SEO companies:

  • Perform a local SEO audit regularly
  • Identify geo-specific keywords for content
  • Develop pages dedicated to cities
  • Dominate “near me” searches
  • Monitor your local SEO ranking
  • Create content clusters
  • Keep your sitemap updated
  • Optimize your site for mobile
  • Fix broken internal and external links
  • Create an SEO strategy
  • Develop a backlink strategy
  • Know your audience
  • Partner with a trusted Google My Business agency

If all else fails, choosing one of the best local SEO companies to handle your local digital marketing services is a smart move to reach your local audience and acquire new leads.

Why choose Dopstart for Local SEO?

Here’s what you can expect from our Local SEO service

Dopstart offers affordable Local SEO services designed to maximize the visibility of your business in the local market without straining your budget. With a strategic and personalized approach, we focus on optimizing your online presence through targeted local SEO techniques, ensuring your brand stands out in the specific geographic searches of your potential customers. Our team of SEO experts work to improve your ranking in local search results, increase qualified traffic to your website, and drive conversions, all at an affordable cost.

Dopstart elevates the transparency and effectiveness of local SEO through an advanced reporting service, designed to provide business owners with a clear and detailed view of the progress and results of their optimization strategies. Our Local SEO reporting service stands out for its ability to transform complex data into understandable information, allowing customers to easily monitor the performance of their website, the effectiveness of keywords, the improvement of ranking in search results local search and the increase in qualified traffic.

Dopstart is committed to offering an ongoing Local SEO consultancy service, ensuring that your business not only achieves but maintains a prominent position in local searches. This service is designed to provide constant and personalized support, adapting to market dynamics and the evolution of search engine algorithms. Our team of SEO experts work closely with you to monitor performance, identify new opportunities and implement optimized strategies that meet the specific needs of your local business.

How to validly choose a Local SEO service

Choosing the right local SEO agency to manage your Google My Business services and other local digital marketing processes takes time and careful planning. Here are the main considerations to help you select the best local SEO companies:

  1. Local SEO Packages : Choose a local SEO service provider that analyzes your current market position and outlines a clear path to achieve your local SEO goals.
  2. Local SEO Pricing : Partner with a local SEO agency that offers transparent pricing and cost projections as your campaign progresses.
  3. Industry Experience : The local SEO agency you choose must understand the needs of your industry and have years of experience and expertise in local SEO campaigns across various industries.
  4. Local Search Optimization Processes : Make sure you partner with a company that prioritizes local SEO services based on the degree of importance, addressing your campaign challenges.
  5. Track of Success : Outsource your local SEO campaign to an agency that not only offers affordable packages but also maintains a reputation for success with clients, high rankings in its service areas, and verified positive reviews.

Choosing your local SEO agency carefully can significantly influence the success of your online business by ensuring it is run by experts capable of optimizing your visibility and attracting more customers to your local market.

FAQ on Local SEO

Below you will find a detailed FAQ section designed to clarify the most common doubts related to Local SEO. This section aims to provide comprehensive insights and guidance for both beginners and those who want to start benefiting from SEO strategies.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a search engine optimization strategy that aims to improve a business’s visibility in geolocalized searches, helping businesses reach potential customers in their local area.

Why is Local SEO important for small businesses?

Local SEO is essential for small businesses because it allows you to compete effectively with larger companies, increasing online visibility towards local customers and improving the chances of conversion.

How does Google My Business work in Local SEO?

Google My Business (GMB) is a tool that allows businesses to manage their online presence on Google, including search results and Google Maps. Optimizing your GMB profile improves your local SEO ranking and business visibility.

What are the main factors that influence Local SEO?

The main factors include proper optimization of the Google My Business profile, consistency of NAP (Name, Address, Telephone) information, online reviews, quality backlinks and the use of local keywords in the site content.

How can I improve my ranking in Local SEO?

Improving your ranking in Local SEO requires carefully optimizing your GMB profile, building local citations, managing online reviews, optimizing your site for local keywords, and acquiring relevant backlinks.

What are local citations and why are they important?

Local mentions are mentions of your business online that include your name, address, and phone number. They are important for Local SEO because they help establish the authority and relevance of the business in its geographic area.

How can I track my progress in Local SEO?

You can track progress using tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and the Google My Business dashboard to track site visits, calls, requested directions, and local search rankings.

Do online reviews influence Local SEO?

Yes, online reviews have a significant impact on Local SEO. Positive reviews can improve the credibility and authority of your business, positively influencing your ranking in local search results.

How long does it take to see results from Local SEO?

Local SEO results can vary based on several factors, but generally you can start to see improvements within a few months of implementing optimized strategies

Can I do Local SEO myself or do I need an agency?

While it is possible to implement Local SEO strategies on your own, partnering with a specialized agency can offer a more strategic approach, experience, and dedicated resources to achieve better, faster results.