Fair catalog for Naddeo

Dopstart designed the new trade fair catalog for Naddeo.

The catalog contains the presentation of the IV range machines of the Scafati (Salerno) company.

The work, completely synchronized with company staff, was conducted taking into account all communication needs at the fair.

fair catalog for Naddeo

Product catalog description

The following machines are presented in the exhibition catalog for Naddeo:

  • Washing bench
  • Modular carousel
  • Sorting belt for foreign bodies
  • Universal cutter
  • Pre-wash tank
  • Washing tank
  • DEW Evolution Series

For each product, a photo and technical characteristics are presented in order to provide the most complete information possible to users.

Completely designed in vector, the product catalog was created in Italian, French and English.

This choice allows us to satisfy the needs of potential multilingual customers with a single support.

Printing costs were further reduced by providing a four-panel brochure format.

The addition of a QR code on each product allows the user to find out more online about the various machines presented.

Its use is particularly suitable for events, international fairs and any occasion characterized by a strong influx of users of various nationalities.

Together with the new document folder, the catalog certainly represents an excellent commercial support for the Scafatese company to continue its expansion around the world.