2024 has arrived and with it the traditional time for reflection and setting new goals for the year ahead.

According to Google, there are four major trends emerging from this year’s New Year’s resolutions, and they include crucial aspects such as health , financial savings , travel and sustainability .

Google Trends expert Sarah Armstrong said the company analyzes aggregated, anonymized search data from around the world, providing an overview of people’s top concerns and tracking the percentage increase in searches year over year.

Health Trends:

Google highlights that the dominant health trends in 2024 involve the following searches:

  • Gym memberships
  • Meal preparation
  • Healthy meal ideas
  • Dry January

These findings suggest a growing attention among people towards a healthy lifestyle, with a particular emphasis on training and nutrition.

Money Saving Trends:

When it comes to financial savings trends, top searches include:

  • Ways to save on groceries and rent
  • Personal finance app
  • Books on personal finance

This reflects people’s growing interest in managing their finances more consciously and intelligently.

Travel trends:

Travel trends highlight a predilection for travel-related gifts and credit cards .

Sarah Armstrong explains:

“Travel gifts are trending. Maybe people travel in their lives and the best travel credit cards are trending. So, again, trying to save money and maybe use points instead of going straight out of your wallet.”

Sustainability trends:

Finally, when it comes to sustainability , Google finds that the most frequent searches are for eco-friendly products , sustainable engagement rings and sustainable fashion . This growing focus on sustainability indicates increased environmental awareness among people.

How to implement your New Year’s resolutions with Google Bard

To help keep your New Year’s resolutions, Google introduced Bard , an innovative generative AI tool.

Bard is designed to assist people in creating personalized plans to achieve their goals , whether it’s financial savings or developing an exercise program.

Using Bard, users can receive personalized support to keep their New Year’s resolutions, providing an additional tool for success in 2024.