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SEO Offers 2024 – Our SEO consultancy plans

Dopstart SEO Consulting Packages: Designed for your Online Success

At Dopstart, we understand that every business has unique needs. That’s why we offer flexible, customizable SEO consulting packages , designed to fit your specific business challenges and goals. 

This approach helps deliver our award-winning SEO services as quickly as possible, making digital marketing accessible to businesses of any size!

Choose the SEO consultancy package that best suits your needs and start your journey towards an enhanced online presence.

Service level # of web pages # of Keywords Initial price Monthly price Opzione Annual payment option
SEO 40 40 400 € 8495 € 999 € 17386
SEO 50 50 500 € 14995 € 1495 € 28496
SEO 75 75 750 € 19995 € 2499 € 2499
SEO 100 100 1000 € 32495 € 2999 € 59486
SEO 200 200 2000 € 59995 € 5999 € 113986
SEO 400 400 4000 € 104995 € 8999 € 185986
SEO 600 600 6000 € 144995 € 11999 €252986
SEO 800 800 8000 € 209995 € 17999 € 371986

Each SEO plan includes:

  • Creating unique landing pages to drive first page rankings
  • Optimization of your Home Page and Landing Pages
  • Traffic statistics always available for performance monitoring
  • Weekly monitoring of your site to ensure it remains 90-100% compliant with current search engine criteria
  • Guaranteed first page rankings on major search engines within 90 days of implementation

Special offer for new customers

  • Save 15% on your first month of services!  (here is our SEO price list )
  • Valid for all packages.
  • Take advantage of this exclusive advantage to start your digital transformation with significant savings

Personalized discounts for annual packages

  • If you have been our satisfied customer for over a year, save even more with a long-term commitment! 
  • Contact us to discover the customized discounts available for annual SEO packages.

Satisfaction guarantee

  • We are confident in our results !
  • You pay month to month only if you are satisfied.  Our relationships are always monthly and you can stop at any time. No annual or multi-year contract obligation.

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      Contact us today for a free consultation and find out how we can customize a winning SEO strategy for you.

      The SEO Expert

      Dopstart @ Google Plex - Mountain View

      Donato Paolino: the expert SEO consultant at the service of your online presence

      If you want an SEO and web marketing consultant who goes beyond simple visits and aims to ensure a significant impact on your online business, Donato Paolino is the right choice. Trust a professional with proven experience and get the most out of your online presence. 

      SEO expert at your service

      Donato Paolino, a well-known SEO expert, is committed to taking care of the organic positioning of his clients’ sites. His strategy focuses on using sensitive keywords to generate valuable leads and increase conversions. The SEO consultant constantly analyzes competitors and their strategies to ensure a competitive advantage.

      Strategy guide for online success

      Donato Paolino, an expert SEO consultant, makes his expertise available to select a team dedicated to each SEO project. Its main offering focuses on SEO and web marketing consultancy, aimed at various agencies in Italy and abroad. The target? Optimize websites on Google and other search platforms to ensure visibility and conversions.

      Key services offered:

      1. Website creation: Donato Paolino offers consultancy in the creation of websites optimized for positioning on Google.
      2. Positioning on search engines: The SEO expert ensures top positioning on Google with effective keywords.
      3. Google Top Contributor: Donato Paolino has held the title of Google Top Contributor since 2010, guaranteeing a high-level experience.

      How Donato Paolino makes the difference:

      • Competitive analysis: Constant study of competitors and their strategies to the benefit of the customer.
      • Effective positioning: Optimizing your site to be found by potential customers looking for your services.
      • Outperforming Competitors: Donato Paolino helps you outperform competitors through advanced SEO strategies.

      What is SEO consulting?

      SEO consultancy ( acronym for “Search Engine Optimization”) is the web marketing activity that aims to rank high on Google and other search engines.

      To position yourself above your competitors it is important that constant SEO activity is carried out on your website aimed at improving the positioning of web pages in the SERP and keeping them well positioned.

      consulenza SEO successo online

      A well-positioned website is a site that gets a lot of visits.


      The importance of SEO for your online success

      5 reasons why our professional SEO consultancy can benefit your business

      Here are five valid reasons to start considering SEO as a driving force for your business:


      Visibility on Google

      Most online experiences start with a Google search. Being visible among the first results is essential to capture the attention of your target audience.


      Being well positioned on search engines gives credibility to your brand.

      Potential customers are more likely to trust companies that appear at the top of searches.

      Increase in qualified traffic

      Targeted SEO generates qualified traffic from visitors interested in your products or services.

      This translates into a greater likelihood of conversion and new customers


      Online competitiveness

      In a saturated market, SEO is your strategic ally to stand out from the competition. Reaching and outperforming your competitors online is critical to long-term success.

      Adaptability to trends

      Search engines are constantly evolving. Our SEO consultancy adapts to the latest trends and algorithms, ensuring that your site remains relevant and performing over time.

      Translated: new customers

      People find products and services from Search Engines (essentially Google), Social Media Ads and Voice Search . 

      SEO consulting will help you get new customers and increase your turnover

      What's the next step for your effective SEO consultancy?

      Request a free analysis with a no-obligation appointment via Google Meet. We’ll get to know each other and I’ll give you a real-time analysis of the situation without obligation

      How can our SEO consultancy make a difference?

      Our four basic values  ​​when working on an SEO project:

      Personalized Approach

      Every company is unique.

      Our SEO consultancy is based on a personalized approach, designed specifically to meet your needs and objectives.

      For each SEO project, an SEO PLAN is drawn up and reports are sent to the client on a monthly basis

      Measurable Results

      We use key metrics and advanced tools to track and measure the results  of your SEO campaign.

      The SEO reports sent monthly are all verifiable directly by the customer.

      Certified Experts

      Our team is made up of certified SEO experts, constantly updated on the latest best practices and innovations in the sector.

      We are serious professionals and only use “white hat SEO” techniques developed over years of experience.

      Transparent relationship

      Transparency is at the heart of our working methodology. Our report is set on a monthly basis.

      You pay us to bring you concrete results and only for this reason will you continue to pay us

      Focus on the User

      Our consultancy is not limited to search engine optimization but also focuses on user experience.

      A well-optimized site is also a site that offers an exceptional experience.

      Choose Dopstart to transform your online presence.

      La nostra consulenza SEO è il tuo passaporto per il successo digitale duraturo.

      The tangible benefits of Dopstart SEO consultancy

      Below are the advantages that your website can have with our SEO consultancy 

      Increased online visibility:  Dopstart SEO consultancy aims to improve the position of your website in search results. Higher positioning increases visibility, ensuring that your brand is easily found by interested users.

      Generating Qualified Traffic:  By optimizing your site for relevant keywords, we attract traffic that is qualified and interested in your products or services. This means users are more likely to convert and become customers.

      Increase online competitiveness:  face the competition with an advanced SEO strategy. Dopstart consultancy aims to outperform the competition by positioning your brand in a distinctive and relevant way.

      Improved conversion rates:  we optimize your site pages to maximize conversions. Through a combination of SEO strategies and user experience optimization, we aim to turn visits into desired actions.

      Public Trust:  A well-optimized online presence positively impacts the perception of your brand. Being easily traceable and visible builds trust among potential customers.

      Market Expansion:  Dopstart SEO consultancy not only improves local visibility but also facilitates expansion into new markets. Through targeted strategies, we broaden your company’s growth opportunities.

      Greater relevance on Google and other search engines:  We constantly work to maintain the relevance of your website on Google and other search engines. This ensures that your content is always considered trustworthy and relevant.

      Adaptability to industry trends:  Search algorithms and industry trends change rapidly. Dopstart’s SEO consultancy continually adapts to ensure your site remains cutting-edge and performing over time.

      Detailed and transparent analysis:  We provide detailed analysis of your site’s performance, allowing you to monitor progress. Transparency is fundamental to us.

      Cross-platform optimization:  We optimize your site for different platforms, ensuring a consistent and engaging presence on both desktop and mobile devices.

      Choose Dopstart SEO consultancy to transform your online presence. Our tangible results speak for themselves..

      Case #1 - Business consultancy firm

      Initial problem: low online visibility and low competitiveness compared to competitors.

      Dopstart solution: in-depth industry analysis, site optimization for strategic keywords, targeted link building strategies.

      Results:  The site produces conversions
      Higher positioning than the main competitors for the same keywords
      100% increase in organic traffic.

      Case #2 - Italian school for foreigners

      Initial problem: low conversion rates and difficulty expanding into new markets.

      Dopstart Solution: In-depth landing page analysis, content optimization, localization strategy for new markets. International SEO.

      Results: Significant increase in conversion rates.
      Success in expanding into international markets.
      Positive feedback from target customers.

      Case #3 - Website of a local TV station

      Initial problem: Need to increase visits on Google News and Discover

      Dopstart Solution:  Creation of an SEO strategy Technique and method of news publication

      Results:  Increased visits from Google News and Discover.
      30% improvement in online brand perception.
      Positive reviews on the rise.

      Our pluses

      Do you have many visits but no one asks you for a quote and no one buys your products?

      At Dopstart, we firmly believe that there is no one-size-fits-all SEO solution.

      Every business is unique, with distinct goals, challenges and target audiences.

      That’s why our SEO consultancy is tailor-made to meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring a personalized and targeted approach.

      🔍 Study of your business activity

      Our team of experts is committed to thoroughly understanding every aspect of your business. Before starting any business, we conduct an in-depth analysis to gain detailed knowledge of your needs, business objectives and your target audience.

      This in-depth understanding process allows us to develop a strategy that resonates with your corporate identity and aims for sustainable success.

      🚀 Customization of SEO strategies

      No business is identical, and as a result, no SEO strategy should be.

      We create customized action plans that fit your specific needs. Whether you are a small local business or a global enterprise, your strategy will be designed to maximize your online potential.

        💬 Active collaboration with customers

        Collaboration is at the heart of our philosophy. We work closely with you, involving you at every stage of the decision-making process.

        Your perspective is critical to us, and together we define clear and achievable goals.

        📊 Continuous updates and adaptations

        The digital world is dynamic, and our SEO consultancy constantly adapts to new challenges and opportunities. We carefully monitor industry trends and search engine algorithms, making continuous updates to your strategies to ensure lasting results.

        About us

        Donato Paolino is the SEO consultant I have always wanted: someone who speaks with facts rather than words, even if he is not lacking in speech… 🙂 The facts were that our site, with which we were supposed to sell courses to abroad, did not produce requests for information or registration forms. Since we put the site in the hands of Donato Paolino, without even looking at the Analytics and other data, the proven proof of the quality of his work immediately appeared evident: requests for information and registrations began to arrive daily , constantly, reviving the fortunes of a site which, until then, had cost us a lot of work but very few results.
        I would always and in any case recommend Donato Paolino to everyone, not only for his competence, but also for his great humanity and empathetic ability to get in tune with the needs of the company

        Alessandro Adorno, founder and former CEO of Babilonia srl ​​– Taormina(Messina)

        About us

        “SEO consultant very knowledgeable and helpful!
        It is a pleasure to work with him!”

        — Maurizio Rondano, CEO OldSkull Tuning

        Our detailed approach: from the first step to digital transformation

        At Dopstart, we believe that effective SEO consultancy begins with an in-depth understanding of your business and develops through targeted and transparent strategies.

        Here is our work process in detail, ensuring a clear and results-oriented partnership:

        Initial assessment

        Detailed Interview:  We conduct a detailed interview to thoroughly understand your business objectives, target audience and current challenges.
        Site Analysis:  We carry out an in-depth analysis of your website, examining the architecture, performance, and existing optimization.

        Definition of objectives

        Active collaboration:  We work together with you to establish clear and realistic goals. Your vision is critical in shaping the strategy.

        Keyword and competition analysis

        Ricerca approfondita: Identifichiamo parole chiave rilevanti e condurremo un’analisi della concorrenza per informare la tua strategia SEO.

        Strategy planning

        Customized Approach:  We create a customized SEO strategy that reflects your specific needs and adapts to the latest best practices.

        On-Page and Off-Page Optimization

        On-Page Strategies:  We optimize your site for the identified keywords, improving titles, meta tags, and content structure.
        Targeted link building:  We implement targeted link building strategies to increase the authority of your site.

        Creating engaging content

        Content Production:  We create relevant and engaging content, aimed at meeting the needs of your audience and improving your online presence.

        Performance analysis and continuous adaptations

        Constant Monitoring:  We use advanced tools to constantly monitor your site’s performance and make real-time updates.
        Periodic reports:  We provide clear and understandable periodic reports, illustrating progress and new opportunities.

        Open and transparent collaboration

        Continuous Communication:  We are always available to answer your questions and discuss your concerns.
        Periodic meetings:  We organize periodic meetings to review progress, analyze metrics and discuss any adjustments to the strategy.

        Implementation of best practices

        Constant updates:  We keep our advice in line with best practices and the latest industry trends.

        With Dopstart, your SEO consulting experience is characterized by transparency, collaboration and tangible results. Our team is here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring your online presence grows significantly.

        Contact us today to start your journey to lasting digital success!

        FAQ – Frequently asked questions about SEO consulting


        When will the results of the SEO consultancy be seen?

        The first SEO results arrive on average within the first quarter.

        Sometimes even within the first month we were able to measure new records of visibility and positioning, especially on websites that already had an advanced state of the art but were not able to express their full potential well.

        Click the link below to see some results of our SEO consultancy .

        Do you do SEO consultancy for website development?

        We assist web agencies to build solid and secure websites that follow Google guidelines. We help structure the web architecture to meet their needs. We choose the right technology, support development and work to ensure that the site is optimized in terms of content and technology.

        For those who ask, we directly structure website projects.

        Do you do SEO consultancy for brand reputation ?

        Google is different from other media like television or newspapers because it doesn’t forget. If a company, a brand or a person has suffered a decline in their  online reputation , even after years, a simple search can bring negative information to light. 

        We help get content removed from Google and offer SEO tips and strategies to improve the online reputation of professionals, entrepreneurs, politicians, and well-known brands and world-famous companies.

        Do SEO consultancy for e-commerce sites

        Certain! e-commerce sites require expert consultancy to ensure catalog architecture is managed correctly and SEO guidelines are enforced. To ensure this happens, we offer constant support and a customer manual so that all products are inserted correctly.

        Do you do SEO consultancy for voice search?

        It is known that today the majority of internet traffic comes from mobile devices, and it is expected that by 2021 half of web searches will be carried out via voice. 

        It is essential that the structure of websites is designed in such a way as to provide the information required by voice assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana and Siri. 

        What is the cost of SEO consultancy?

        The cost of SEO consultancy varies depending on the type of commitment required and other factors such as the type of website and the objectives set.

        The price of the consultancy is therefore usually agreed together.

        Click on the link below to see our SEO prices .

        How long does the SEO consultancy contract last?

        Dopstart provides monthly reports until the client is satisfied with the results. From month to month we evaluate together the need to continue.

        There are no annual or multi-year contracts. The customer relationship is based on evidence-based trust that is renewed month after month until the parties jointly agree to continue.

        Do you do local SEO?

        Certainly. We deal with local SEO for all companies that have a specific physical presence in a certain territory.

        For example, see how we work as SEOs in Turin , Rome and Milan