Customer enthusiastic about the results achieved thanks to optimization efforts and new perspectives for Digital Marketing

The S23-2 SEO Project marked another significant milestone for Dopstart, confirming the effectiveness of its SEO optimization strategies .

According to recent data released by Google Search Console, the client’s site recorded a record of 2000 visits in just 28 days, thanks to the SEO interventions carried out by Dopstart.

crescita continua di visite su Search Console
The image shows the continuous growth of visits on Search Console since January 2024

This success has strengthened the client’s trust in the services offered by the agency, which has now been entrusted not only with the management of the website but also with the development and implementation of new features.

The collaboration between the client and Dopstart thus enters a new phase: in addition to SEO, the agency will take care of the entire strategy with Digital Marketing services . This expansion of responsibilities demonstrates Dopstart’s ability to create value and tangible results, building a long-term relationship of trust and collaboration with its customers.

For the next few months, new initiatives and strategies are planned to further enhance the customer’s online visibility, with the aim of increasing web traffic and, consequently, the return on investment.

Dopstart therefore confirms itself as a reliable and cutting-edge partner in the field of Digital Marketing, capable of guiding its customers towards success in the vast and competitive digital landscape.