Google is about to usher in a new era in artificial intelligence with the upcoming integration of Bard, its AI-based chatbot, into Google Assistant, marking the beginning of a profound transformation for the virtual assistant.

This significant update comes at a pivotal moment, following a substantial staff reduction in the Bay Area and the removal of 17 functionalities from Google Assistant, indicating a clear intention by the company to renew and enhance its virtual assistant.

Despite Google’s previous announcement regarding the integration of Bard into Google Assistant, many details about the launch and functionality remain shrouded in mystery. However, leaked information offers a preview of what the AI overhaul will bring.

The integration is expected to leverage Google’s newly released Gemini family of Large Language Models (LLMs) to augment the virtual assistant’s capabilities. Information that has been made public suggests that the Bard-powered Google Assistant will be accessible through standard voice commands such as “Hey Google” or a double tap of the side buttons.

Upon activation, the Bard-enabled Google Assistant is said to offer users the option to issue voice commands, type questions using a keyboard, or even utilize images to contextualize queries.

An introductory message from 9to5Google highlights the expanding capabilities of the integrated assistant, reassuring users of its ongoing ability to provide hands-free support.

Anticipation is building among users and tech enthusiasts, who are eagerly awaiting an official announcement from Google regarding the revolutionary updates that will transform the Google Assistant experience.

This leap forward promises to elevate virtual assistance to a higher level, preparing users for a new era of more intuitive and versatile AI interactions.