The SEO project S23-2, recently launched by Dopstart in October 2023, has reached a remarkable milestone, marking a record of 1000 visits in the last 28 days, as highlighted by Search Console Insight data.

SEO S23-2 – First record of 1000 visits in 28 days from Google
SEO S23-2 – First record of 1000 visits in 28 days from Google

History of the Project

The project, abandoned for a few years, restarted with the change of management of the owner company who chose Dopstart for the restyling of the company website with the aim of improving online visibility and acquiring new customers.

Dopstart has started its analysis work and activated the procedures foreseen by the SEO plan . Through a series of innovative SEO strategies, the team worked dedicatedly to optimize the website and its content.

Reoptimization Strategies

The techniques used for SEO re-optimization include keyword optimization, improving user experience and adapting content to current search trends, resulting in a significant increase in organic traffic.

First goal achieved

The culmination of these efforts was the achievement of 1000 visits in 28 days, a result that underlines the effectiveness of the SEO strategies adopted.

Work in progress

Despite these results, Dopstart’s work continues. The team is engaged in a process of constantly updating and refining strategies to maintain and exceed current results.

Satisfaction of Donato Paolino and the customer

Donato Paolino, Dopstart SEO consultant , expressed great satisfaction with the results achieved: “ This success is proof that the approach and strategies adopted are effective. We are proud of the work we have done and are excited to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in SEO ..”

In addition to the words of Donato Paolino, the customer who owns the site we are talking about and who by our policy must remain anonymous, shared his impressions of the project:

We are extremely satisfied with the results obtained. The visible growth in traffic and interactions on our site has been remarkable. The professionalism and effectiveness demonstrated by Dopstart exceeded our expectations. This success is a clear indicator of the competence and commitment of their team.”