In a move to promote support for local and small businesses, Google announced the addition of a new filter to its shopping search results.

The company said it is making it easier for US shoppers to discover and buy from small businesses, an initiative designed to last not only for the weekend but also over time.

This new filter allows users to view only products offered by small companies. Interested companies can mark themselves as small enterprises in their company profile on Google or in their Merchant Centre account, having had this possibility since the beginning of the month. Google has now officially launched the filter, providing users with a direct tool to actively support small businesses when shopping online.

The functionality seems to have been implemented shortly after the activation of the small business attribute, but was only recently officially announced by the company.

The user can probably identify the option ‘Small Enterprises’ as a real filter within the search platform. This feature is designed to offer a more focused shopping experience geared towards supporting local businesses.

Google explained its decision, stating: “84 per cent of people say that supporting local and/or small businesses is important to them. So we’re making it easier for US shoppers to discover and shop at small businesses this weekend and beyond.”

The company seems to have grasped the importance of supporting smaller businesses, responding to users’ desire to contribute to the growth of local communities. This new filter could therefore be a significant advantage for small businesses, offering them privileged visibility when buyers actively seek to support local businesses.

For small companies, adding this attribute can be a strategic step to increase their online visibility and to differentiate themselves from larger retailers. By offering a more direct way to connect with consumers eager to support small businesses, Google could open up new opportunities for the growth and success of these businesses locally.