Navigating the Information Ocean: How to Avoid Being Shipwrecked by Hallucinations, Duplicates and Fake News

We live in an era where access to information is faster than ever, thanks to the power of technology. However, this easy access has created a saturated online environment, where erroneous, false or misleading news spreads rapidly, jeopardising the quality of the information we consume and share. How can we navigate this vast information ocean without getting shipwrecked among hallucinations, duplicates and fake news? The answer may lie in strategic writing and proper research of sources.

Webinar: Strategic Writing and Source Research

On 22 November at 15:00, an expert in the field, Gennaro Mancini, head of communications at SEOZoom, will lead a webinar that will explore in depth the process of sourcing sources for strategic writing. This event will provide valuable insights into how to identify reliable and useful sources for the creation of digital content of various kinds, from blogging to articles and link building texts, even in niche sectors.

What you will learn:

  1. Navigating the Information Ocean: We will explore the current challenges related to the overabundance of information online and how to distinguish reliable from dubious sources.
  2. Research Strategies: Gennaro Mancini will guide participants through effective strategies for finding useful insights into the creation of quality content.
  3. Balance between SEO and Quality: We will look at how to maintain the balance between SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) needs and the creation of content that is genuinely useful to the audience.
  4. Blank Sheet Syndrome: We will address the fear of the blank page and discover how to overcome the blank sheet syndrome when creating content.

How to Participate:

The training session will be held live on 22 November at 15:00. To participate, you can register for free to secure your place. If you are unable to attend the live event, you can watch the recordings of previous webinars free of charge at

Register Your Place Now: Registration Link

Don’t miss the opportunity to acquire fundamental knowledge for the creation of quality content in an increasingly complex digital world.

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