Google has announced the implementation of a new policy aimed at enhancing its ability to provide high-quality and relevant information during “ Sensitive Events ”.

Starting in February, Google will introduce a new policy called “Sensitive Events” in the AdMob and AdSense guidelines .

Why it is important? Non-compliance with policies without Google’s approval could lead to disabling of ads on your site and deactivation of your AdSense account . .

But what is meant by “Sensitive Event”? This is an unexpected situation that poses a significant risk to Google’s ability to:

  • Provide high quality, relevant and accurate information.
  • Reduce inappropriate content in key and monetized functions.

Examples of sensitive events. Sensitive Events include situations with significant social, cultural or political impacts, such as:

  • Civil emergencies.
  • Natural disasters.
  • Public health emergencies.
  • Terrorism and related activities.
  • Conflicts.
  • Acts of mass violence.

Content prohibited. Google has published a non-exhaustive list explaining the types of material it bans during Sensitive Events, including:

  • Products or services that exploit, minimize or justify the Sensitive Event, including price increases or artificial inflation that prevents/restricts access to vital supplies; sale of insufficient products or services for demand during a sensitive event.
  • The use of keywords linked to a sensitive event to try to generate additional traffic.
  • Claims that victims of a sensitive event are responsible for their own tragedy or similar victim-blaming situations; claims that victims of a sensitive event do not deserve remedy or support; claims that victims in certain countries are responsible or to blame for a global public health crisis.

What will change. From now on, Google will take actions to address risks that arise during Sensitive Events in order to improve its ability to provide high-quality and truthful information.

However, specific actions are yet to be confirmed.