Google has revealed several new features coming to Android users, including easier sharing between Android devices.

At CES 2024, Google announced several new Android features that will excite smartphone enthusiasts, including a Quick Share feature across all Android devices, the expansion of Fast Pair to Chromecast and other Google TV devices, and the ability to Cast TikTok from phones to devices with Chromecast built-in.

Here are all the new Android features to be aware of:

1. Quick Share

At CES, Google announced a partnership with Samsung to bring together the best sharing solutions and create a cross-Android solution called Quick Share. Samsung users will already be familiar with the Quick Share feature (very popular), while Android users may or may not be familiar with Nearby Share (lesser known). To offer a better solution for everyone, the two companies have come together (under the Samsung Quick Share name), integrating the best of both worlds.

Quick Share will offer peer-to-peer content sharing across all types of devices (in the Android ecosystem), such as phones and even Chromebooks. Companies are also working with PC manufacturers to integrate Quick Share with Windows PCs as a pre-installed application. Quick Share will greatly simplify what Nearby Share already offers and will be available on devices starting in February.

2. Expanding Fast Pair support

Fast Pair works flawlessly with Bluetooth headphones on Android. Over the next month, Google plans to expand Fast Pair support to other devices, such as Chromecast with Google TV and other Google TV devices (launching later this year).

3. Broadcast to multiple Apps and devices

Google is working to bring casting capabilities to more apps and devices. From now on, Android users can cast TikTok content from their phone to devices with Chromecast built-in.

And this is just the beginning of this revolution for content creators. There are also more devices planned with Chromecast built-in, such as LG’s 2024 TV series and even LG Hospitality Healthcare, so users can cast their content to TVs in hotel rooms without having to sign in to each app.

Additionally, a new feature is rolling out that will allow users to move what plays on Spotify and YouTube Music from a compatible Pixel Phone to a docked Pixel Tablet.

4. Increased device interoperability with Matter

With the ever-increasing adoption of smart devices, Google wants to ensure that devices from different companies are able to interact. To that end, the company continues to embrace industry standards, and with the help of Matter (a new standard for smart home platforms), LG TVs and some Google OS and Android TV devices will soon act as hubs for Google Home.

5. Google apps and services increasingly present in cars

Android Auto is coming soon to the Ford Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning. Additionally, Android Auto-compatible electric vehicles will be able to share real-time battery information with Google Maps to improve the driving experience by providing an estimated battery level upon arrival at your destination. These new features will also make it possible to estimate how long it will take to charge the vehicle.

Many major car brands will also see better integration with apps like Google Assistant and Google Play directly into the car’s display. This new addition will be rolled out across brands like Nissan, Lincoln, and more.