Google has announced that you can now find AI built right into Chromebook Plus laptops . Users can now chat with Gemini, reinvent their photos and more, all on these new devices.

Starting today, new Google AI and gaming features are available on Chromebook Plus. Users can write like a pro with Help Me Write, supercharge their ideas with Gemini, edit photos on the fly with Magic Editor, and more, all on Chromebook Plus, starting at $350.

Additionally, Google has introduced new tools and integrations that make it easier to get things done across all Chromebooks. With a wide range of devices, including some new models arriving this spring, users can find the perfect Chromebook for their needs.

Chromebook Plus with new Google AI features built-in

With Google AI, completing tasks on Chromebook Plus becomes easier than ever, thanks to the launch of new features integrated directly into the device.

Write like a pro with Help Me Write

Help Me Write uses the power of Google’s artificial intelligence to improve the writing experience. Users can use this feature to write reviews on websites, fill out PDF forms, or use web apps on the Chromebook. Just right-click to get suggestions or change the tone of the text to fit your target audience. Help Me Write helps you generate text from scratch or rewrite existing text to make it more formal, brief, or completely reworded.

Create custom wallpapers for desktop and video calls

AI-generated wallpapers and video calling wallpapers are built into the Chromebook Plus operating system. Users can choose from a variety of prompts to create wallpapers that range from fun and whimsical to zen and professional. Google AI takes care of generating the selected backgrounds, improving the appearance of video calls on any video conferencing app.

Edit photos with Magic Editor

Google Photos Magic Editor comes exclusively to Chromebook Plus. Users can select a photo to edit in the Google Photos app and start using the Magic Editor with one click. With this functionality, they can tap or circle the object to edit, drag it to reposition it, or pinch it to resize it. Contextual suggestions help improve lighting and background, allowing you to reinvent your photo with just a few clicks.

Gemini on the Chromebook Plus, out of the box

Google has integrated Gemini directly into the Chromebook Plus home screen. For times when users want to brainstorm a new idea or need help planning a trip, they can simply tap the Gemini icon in the system tray. This allows you to start planning, writing, learning and more.

To provide access to the most advanced AI tools, Google announced that the Google One AI Premium plan will be available free for 12 months for new Chromebook Plus users. This plan includes access to Gemini Advanced, 2TB of storage and Gemini integrated into Docs, Sheets, Slides, Gmail and more.

New features for all Chromebooks

Google has launched new features that further integrate Google services across all Chromebooks, improving work efficiency and productivity.

  • Easy Setup with Android : Users can set up their new Chromebook with the assistance of their Android phone. By scanning a QR code, your phone will share your Wi-Fi and Google account credentials, eliminating the need to remember and enter long passwords.
  • Quick access to Google Tasks : A new integrated view of Google Tasks lets you add or check off tasks with a single tap on the date in the lower right corner of the home screen. Users can access tasks from all Google Workspace apps and devices.
  • Screen Recording in GIF Format : With the built-in screen capture tool, users can choose to automatically save screen recordings in GIF format, creating custom demo or reaction GIFs.
  • Game Dashboard : This new feature puts you in control of your gaming experience with options like game control mapping, allowing you to play any mobile game by mapping the controls to your keyboard. Google also unveiled the new Acer Chromebook Plus 516 GE, available in the United States.

Coming soon to Chromebooks

Google announced that Chromebooks will be automatically updated every few weeks, always bringing the latest features. In the coming months, users can expect:

  • Help me read with Gemini : On Chromebook Plus, you can summarize websites or PDFs with a right click and ask follow-up questions to get AI-generated answers.
  • Pick up where you left off : A screen will show what was open across windows, tabs and apps every time you log in to your laptop, making it easy to resume interrupted tasks.
  • Improved Focus : Users can choose a time window, a Google Tasks task, and a YouTube Music playlist. Chromebook will automatically turn on Do Not Disturb mode and progress countdown to help you focus on urgent tasks.
  • Hands-free control with facial and gesture tracking : Google is integrating Project Gameface features directly into ChromeOS, allowing users to compose and send emails, open apps and browse the web without using the keyboard, making the products more accessible to everyone.

In summary, Google is transforming Chromebook Plus with the integration of advanced artificial intelligence features, making the devices more powerful, versatile and accessible for all users.