THE UNIGEA Integrative Health Care Fund recently unveiled its new logo, a renewed symbol that represents the evolution and future of the fund in the field of protecting the health of its members. The creation of this new symbol was entrusted to the Dopstart graphics team, known for its innovative approach and ability to convey complex messages through visual design.

The design process followed a collaborative and intensive path, during which the Dopstart team worked closely with UNIGEA representatives to ensure that the logo was not only aesthetically pleasing, but also reflected the values ​​and objectives of the bottom.

“We wanted to create a logo that was immediately recognisable, without frills, immediately usable for every need,” says Dopstart’s head of design.

The result is a modern and clean logo. The use of clean lines and a fresh but professional color palette communicates clarity and reliability, two of the most important attributes for a healthcare organization. Furthermore, the integration of graphic elements that symbolize care and protection emphasizes UNIGEA’s commitment to its beneficiaries.

The new logo has been received with enthusiasm both within the industry and among the fund’s member base.

“We are extremely satisfied with the work done by Dopstart. The new logo is a powerful symbol that represents our commitment to innovation and quality in the healthcare sector”, declares the President of UNIGEA.

With the launch of the new logo, UNIGEA not only strengthens its visual identity but also establishes a new standard of visual communication in the professional healthcare funds sector. This new image will be at the heart of the fund’s future communications campaigns and will help consolidate its position as a leader in occupational health management.

In conclusion, the creation of the new UNIGEA logo by Dopstart is not only an example of excellence in graphic design, but also a significant step forward in the visual representation of the values ​​and importance of the health fund in the current context. With this new image, UNIGEA is ready to face future challenges, keeping the health and well-being of its members at the center.