The SEO S22-6 project reached an extraordinary milestone on May 22nd, obtaining 8000 visits from organic search in just 28 days. This result represents the best performance since December 2022, when we started taking care of the SEO for this website which at the time had less than 1200 visits from Google.

A growing success

Our adventure with the site began in December 2022, a time when organic traffic was limited and growth opportunities seemed distant. However, thanks to a meticulously planned and implemented SEO strategy, we saw the first concrete results as early as January 2023, reaching the initial milestone of 1200 visits . This marked the beginning of a steady and sustained increase in organic traffic.

Obiettivi del progetto S22-6 raggiunti negli ultimi mesi
S22-6 project objectives achieved in recent months

Successful strategies

The key to our success lies in a holistic and adaptable approach to SEO. We have implemented:

  1. On-page optimization: Enhance existing content and create new, high-quality, targeted content optimized for relevant keywords.
  2. Link Building: Building a network of authoritative and relevant backlinks to increase the authority of the site.
  3. Technical SEO: Optimization of the site structure and improvement of page loading speed to ensure a smooth user experience.
  4. Analysis and Adaptation: Constant monitoring of performance and adaptation of strategies based on the data collected.

Extraordinary results

The milestone of 8000 visits in 28 days is not just a number, but a reflection of the hard work and dedication we have invested in the S22-6 SEO project. This increase in traffic also had a positive impact on conversions, with over 60 valid conversion events recorded in the same period.

Customer satisfaction

The client expressed great satisfaction with the results obtained, recognizing the value of the strategies implemented and the professionalism of the team. This milestone not only strengthens our collaboration with the client, but further motivates us to continue improving and innovating in the field of SEO.

Looking at the future

The success of the SEO S22-6 project represents a starting point for further developments. With continuous monitoring and adaptation to new Google trends and algorithms, we are confident we can achieve even more ambitious goals in the months ahead.

In conclusion, achieving 8000 organic visits in 28 days is a testament to the potential of well-executed SEO. We will continue to work with passion and competence to guarantee excellent and long-lasting results for our customers.