Google Ads is introducing a new feature that will affect the management of inactive keywords in your ad accounts.

Starting in June 2024 , the system will begin to automatically pause keywords that have not shown significant activity , in order to optimize the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

What changes?

Keywords defined as “ low activity ” are those that , despite being created more than 13 months ago, have not generated any impressions in the last 13 months.

These will be automatically paused by the system , thus avoiding waste of resources and improving focus on more productive elements.

Reasons for change

This update is driven by Google Ads’ desire to simplify the management of advertisers’ accounts , allowing them to focus more on the keywords that actually contribute to the success of their campaigns.

The goal is to make campaigns leaner and more efficient , eliminating the overload of non-performing elements.

Future steps for advertisers

If you believe a paused keyword is still vital to your campaign, you have the option to manually reactivate it .

It is advisable, however, to reactivate only those keywords that you expect to be useful imminently, as they will be subject to a new automatic pause if they do not register impressions in the three months following reactivation.

This update aims to improve the efficiency of campaigns on Google Ads, ensuring that resources are allocated more effectively and that advertisers can get the maximum return on their investment in their advertising efforts.