“Circle to Search” and the updates to Google Lens represent a significant step forward in human-technology interaction, offering an increasingly smooth and intuitive user experience.

In the increasingly interconnected world of mobile technology, Samsung and Google are taking a significant step forward with the introduction of the new “Circle to Search” feature on the Samsung Galaxy S24.

This innovative feature, recently announced in a press release by Google, will allow users to conduct more intuitive and powerful Google searches directly from their smartphone screen.

“Circle to Search” enables the activation of Google within any app, allowing users to circle or highlight any text or object on the screen and, through artificial intelligence, receive instant results.

This advanced version of visual search will be available starting January 31 on the new Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, and the Samsung Galaxy S24 line.

The innovation of “Circle to Search” lies in its simplicity of use: for example, if you view a TikTok featuring unique corn dogs, you can simply bring up the Google app and circle the food item with your finger.

Google’s AI will provide detailed information about Korean corn dogs, including their cultural significance in the current gastronomic context.

The power of this feature lies in the ability to search for any object or text displayed on the screen, without the need to switch between different apps.

The announcement of this functionality comes alongside Samsung’s announcement of introducing “Circle to Search” in its new Galaxy S24 line.

At present, no other phones have been announced with this more advanced in-app version of Google Search.

This move by Google follows the growing trend in the use of artificial intelligence, especially after the success of ChatGPT in 2022, which revolutionized the concept of online searching.

Unlike traditional Google search, which offered unique and filtered responses, ChatGPT pushed both Google and Microsoft to introduce AI-based chatbots to remain competitive.

Since then, Microsoft’s investments in AI have catapulted the company to become the most valuable in the world, surpassing Apple. Google, in turn, is integrating artificial intelligence into many of its products, from the search experience itself with Generative Experience to the camera app on its Pixel devices.

Considering that generative AI could generate up to $4.4 trillion annually, according to McKinsey, companies are racing to maintain their market dominance.

In addition to “Circle to Search,” Google announced that multisearch in Google Lens is also receiving an AI-powered upgrade. In the past, Google Lens could identify an object, like a dress, allowing you to then search for color variations. Now, these visual matches will offer AI-powered insights, allowing for more nuanced questions. An example given by Google is the ability to identify a board game found at a yard sale without the box and to ask for the name of the game and how it is played.