TikTok, known as an epicenter of entertainment, is gaining ground as a search engine, becoming a preferred source for information, recipes, music, and much more, according to a recent Adobe study.

About 10% of Generation Z users now choose TikTok over established search engines like Google for their searches, indicating an increase in trust and use of the platform as a reliable source of information.

This follows the discovery by a HerCampus study that 74% of Generation Z internet users use TikTok for searches and 51% prefer it over Google, mainly due to its short-form video format.

TikTok is embracing this trend: in September, it began testing third-party functionalities, such as integrating Google Search and incorporating Wikipedia entries into its search results, to expand its offering beyond short-form videos.

The importance of this phenomenon in the digital landscape cannot be underestimated:

The study shows that 40% of consumers use TikTok for information, and the app is especially popular among younger generations, with 64% of Generation Z and 49% of millennials using it for this purpose, highlighting TikTok’s importance for businesses targeting these demographics.

TikTok is not limited to a specific niche; it has become a go-to platform for a wide range of topics. From cooking recipes, favored 29% more by Generation Z than millennials, to music, DIY ideas, fashion, and more, TikTok caters to a broad variety of interests.

This versatility makes it a one-stop destination for users seeking various types of information. The study emphasizes that video tutorials are the top choice for 62% of TikTok users, with 39% and 38% favoring reviews and personal anecdotes, respectively.

This underscores the need for engaging video content on TikTok. In the future, over 53% of businesses plan to increase their investment in TikTok marketing, recognizing its effectiveness despite challenges in engagement and content creation.

The increasing use of TikTok for search signifies a fundamental shift in how people find information and interact with content. Its personalized approach, diverse content, and trustworthiness fuel its rapid growth.

For businesses, TikTok offers a valuable avenue to connect with younger audiences and establish themselves as industry authorities.

TikTok’s transformation into a search engine isn’t a passing trend; businesses and content creators can use it to stay relevant.

Prioritizing user experience and creative content will likely translate to success.