Second record in a few days for the SEO S23-2 project, after that of January 11th . The site has reached the milestone of 1500 visits in the last 28 days, as highlighted by Search Console Insight data.

Continued growth in January 2024

The image extracted from Google Search Console Insight shows how the client’s site had reached the last useful result in September 2020. After that date the site was penalized and had a constant drop in visits until it reached almost zero.

After a quarter full of intense work we managed to have a January 2024 that exceeded several times the maximum received by the site in the past with four records achieved from January 8, 2024 until January 26.

Visits mainly from SEOs

Looking at the Google Analytics data, it is clear that the increase in visits is fundamentally due to accesses from search engines and therefore to the SEO optimization activities that are being carried out on a daily basis.

Organic Search +102.3%

From the graph extracted from Google Analytics, organic visits are prevalent, marking an increase in sessions of 102.3%. Direct sessions follow but all the other channels also increase.

Satisfaction of Donato Paolino and the customer

Donato Paolino, Dopstart SEO consultant , expressed great satisfaction with this new result achieved: “The result demonstrates that the approach and strategies adopted are effective. We expect further achievements in the coming months.”

In addition to the words of Donato Paolino, the customer who owns the site we are talking about and who by our policy must remain anonymous declared:

We confirm our confidence in Dopstart based on the results. Contacts in the company are also increasing from the web and this is what we had begun to hope for after years of our site being practically unproductive. We are certain that we have made an excellent investment and that we will have further satisfactions in the future, given that the result objectives for this 2024 position are quite important.”