Creating a WhatsApp group to promote your product, service or business can be a great strategy, but it is essential to do so in an ethical and respectful manner to avoid annoying users.

And it is precisely the privacy of whatsapp that can be limiting to the possibility of adding ‘Sensitive’ people in the created group.

For example, in my case, it was not possible to add a customer in a whatsapp group despite the fact that I was its administrator.

Why is it not possible to add a person to a whatsapp group?

WhatsApp has introduced a privacy feature since 2019 that allows users to decide who can add them to groups. This feature is intended to provide greater control and prevent automatic entry into unwanted groups. However, you might ask yourself: ‘Why can’t I add a person in a WhatsApp group? Here is an overview of the reasons that might prevent someone from being added to a group on WhatsApp.

1. User Privacy Settings

If a user has set their privacy preferences to ‘None’ or ‘My contacts except…’, it may be necessary to obtain consent before adding them to a group. In such cases, the group administrator will receive an information message and will have to send a private invitation.

2. Choice of User

Some people prefer to maintain tighter control over their participation in groups. If someone has selected ‘None’ in their privacy settings, the administrator must request authorisation before adding them.

3. Invitation to a Private Chat

If privacy settings prevent direct addition to a group, the administrator can send an invitation in a private chat. The user will have three days to accept the invitation before it expires.

4. Number Not Saved in Address Book

If the group administrator does not have the user’s number saved in his address book and the user has set privacy to ‘My Contacts’, the administrator will see an information message indicating that he cannot add that person.

5. Sharing Invitations

To avoid problems, administrators can share group invitations through an individual chat, allowing users to accept or decline the invitation without violating privacy settings.

In summary, if you find yourself unable to add someone to a WhatsApp group, the reasons may lie in the user’s privacy settings or in the new policies introduced by WhatsApp to ensure greater security and user awareness. Be sure to respect user preferences and use the available invitation options to ensure effective management of your groups on WhatsApp.