Greater clarity on notifications of changes to Google

Google recently provided more details on the JobPosting structured data guide , offering clearer guidance on how to send notifications of changes to web pages and keep the search engine informed about new pages.

Updated guide for job offers

The updated guidance aims to change the requirements to ensure that Google is adequately informed about new web pages and changes to existing ones.

Aimed at publishers, the structured data guide for jobs is designed to improve visibility in Google search results through interactive job ads.

Effective notifications for greater visibility

One of the key aspects of this guide is the ability to notify Google of new job posting web pages and changes to existing pages .

This process is crucial to ensuring that the most relevant job postings are easily accessible on search results pages ( SERPs ).

Changes in Google Notification Guidelines

The main change concerns clarity in the guidelines for notifications to Google.

Previously, the guide suggested relying on the indexing API “instead of sitemaps” to directly notify Google of pages that required immediate crawling. However, the updated guidance emphasizes the importance of using both the indexing API and sitemaps.

Clear advice for publishers

The new guidelines read: “Keep Google informed by using the Indexing API and submitting a sitemap. For job URLs, we recommend using the Indexing API rather than sitemaps because the Indexing API requires Googlebot to crawl your page first.

This change is significant, eliminating the apparent conflict between the two options and advising publishers to take advantage of both tools. The Indexing API is recommended for its speed, but submitting a sitemap is equally essential to cover your entire site.

Further changes in the Guidelines

In addition to this change, other revisions include replacing “Keep Google informed by doing one of the following:” with “Keep Google informed about changes:”. This makes it clearer that publishers should continue to use a sitemap.

In conclusion, recent changes in Google’s Jobs Structured Data Guide provide publishers with a clearer picture of how to ensure higher visibility of jobs in search results. By using the indexing API in conjunction with sitemaps, publishers can optimize notification of new pages and improve user experience through more accurate and timely search results.