Italia News goes back online

Upgrade programme for Italia News.

Dopstart has begun the restyling and reoptimization procedures of the website, an online news website created in 2009 and included in the top 250 sources of Google News in the same year.

The online news site is undergoing a complete redesign and a logical and content reorganisation.

The website enhancement activity will be completed by 2017.

Currently, the site is in need of a restructuring of its online presence by re-positioning, including through a new editorial line giving greater prominence to news from the territories.

AMP technology and popular online news tools are currently the next steps in a strategy to bring about a new relaunch of the news site.

Many organisations are already sending their news to Italia News and requesting publication.

The experiment, which started in 2009, has always given users the opportunity to post news directly.

Although not a newspaper, the news site simply wants to offer content that newspapers do not.

The citizen journalism from which Italia News has been inspired from the beginning remains, therefore, the basis of the overall strategy.